Choosing a business consultant is unlike any other business partnership. Trust, competency, and skill play a crucial role in determining which consultant you choose. At DFSM Consulting, we understand that. As Australia's most competitive partner in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 space, we focus on client needs and budget to come up with a plan and a solution that meet your goals. As you begin evaluating your options for an ERP consultancy for your Australian business, we would like your to consider DFSM Consulting. Our decades of combined experience spans not only Microsoft Dynamics, but also in analysing and addressing business challenges.

DFSM Consulting Are Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX Experts

We pride ourselves on offering our clients premier ERP service and employing our unique skill sets to solve your business opportunities. Our unique capabilities include:

  • We adopt rapid-start and agile implementation methodology to plan and deploy you ERP solution more quickly.
  • We keep a tight adherence to Microsoft Sure Steps Methodology. This keeps our projects on track while meeting the customer expectations.
  • We offer the most competitive pricing by maintaining a lean organisational structure, which provides us more flexibility and allows us to pass our cost savings to our customers.
  • We have increased focus on cloud-based solutions, platforms and servers. This puts less strain on the initial investment of our clients in infrastructure and hardware.
  • Our team of consultants is strong and experienced. They have worked directly with Microsoft Dynamics' Seattle-based MBS core team.
  • We give our customers appropriate promises, with the goal of overdelivering timely, high-quality solutions.
  • A network of offices spanning Australia and an office in San Francisco, ensuring that you will always be able to reach one of our dedicated Microsoft Dynamics experts.
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We encourage you to reach out to us to discover if DFSM Consulting will be the right partner for you. You can contact us directly here, or telephone us at any of the local offices using the numbers below. You can learn more about DFSM Consulting here or learn what executive management needs to know before considering an ERP solution here.

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DFSM Consulting is an Australian owned and operated company with focus on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is a solution for mid-large organisations. With our head office in Sydney and branches in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, we are a complete one-stop-shop for all of your ERP needs.