Microsoft Dynamics AX

“Collect your business’s most important documents and data to streamline your operations and promote collaboration.”

Explore a new way to store, collaborate, and access your organization’s most important assets. Microsoft SharePoint offers businesses and organisations all the benefits of cloud storage while seamlessly integrating into your most commonly used applications. Microsoft SharePoint offers businesses and organizations a smarter way to manage assets, create websites, and share information internally and with customers.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a storage, collaboration, and access tool that empowers organisations and their employees. With Microsoft SharePoint, your employees will be able to access your business’s most important information from almost any device, anywhere in the world.

SharePoint frees your business from the complicated world of managing archaic in-house servers, instead delivering an intuitive data solution backed by Microsoft’s legendary security.

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Server 

Create a reliable and scalable server solution that comes ready with modern user interfaces and the ability to tailor to your organisation’s needs.

SharePoint Online 

Perfect for smaller organisations, SharePoint Online allows businesses to create team sites that encourage sharing, collaboration, and access regardless of their device or location.

Organise Your Business’s Data More Intelligently

In today’s world of business at the speed of light, it’s critical to support your organisation and employees with the best tools. Microsoft SharePoint removes the barriers of misplaced files, counterintuitive apps, and restrictive security by delivering a smart, secure place for you company to host the backbone of your business – your files and data.

Available in two solutions for enterprises and businesses, Microsoft SharePoint delivers simple upload, access, and sharing options to enable your employees to collaborate more effectively and communicate with your customers more clearly. Microsoft SharePoint comes backed by Microsoft’s robust security protocols and customisable access levels to ensure that your business’s sensitive documents stay secure. Best of all, Microsoft SharePoint works with the apps and software your employees are already using to ensure seamless integration and quick adoption.

“Microsoft SharePoint offers a smarter way to organise your data.”

To determine whether SharPoint is part of your business infrastructure solution, contact one of DFSM Consulting’s Microsoft experts to discuss how SharePoint can help your business get on the same page. As Australia’s premier Microsoft Dynamics AX partners and implementors, we will work with you to understand and solve your pain points with a custom software solution built to your business needs.