“Transform your service centre into a loyalty generating powerhouse by offering world-class service powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

As consumer behaviour changes, service-focussed companies need to adapt. Consumers expect more, better, and faster, leaving many service companies scrambling to train their teams efficiently and update their policies. Even the best training, though, is hampered by outdated and slow technology.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Service Companies

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll be able to fully customise your ERP solution to your company’s needs. Unlike other ERP and business solution software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the ability to select only those modules that are most relevant. Service companies are therefore not only able to power their businesses with the best sales and financial software on the market, but with applications specifically designed to meet the needs of service organisations.

Customer Service

Omnichannel Engagement
Empower your customer service agents with a single, unified platform. They’ll be able to access information across engagements, ensuring your customers receive the consistent and personalised service they expect.

Offer your customers a searchable knowledge base and online community help forums powered by a Customer Service self-service portal. Your customers will be able to get the answers they need, faster with self-service portals.

Single User Interface
Provide your agents with a single, unified platform that delivers the same information regardless of device, allowing your agents to work faster and more flexibly.

Library of Knowledge
Create a searchable knowledge base to empower your customers to solve common problems and questions. With analytics to measure impact and an easily-updatable library.

Instant Intelligence
Analyse your customer service and deliver predictive and proactive solutions to your customers. With beautiful, interactive dashboards and visualisations, your agents will be able to identify commonalities and predict opportunities.

Field Service

Provide your dispatchers and service team with smart tools that make servicing your customers easy. Field Service comes with automated tools for scheduling and resource allocation that make solving problems your focus.

Service Agreements
Manage everything – including recurring calls, contracts, installed products, and warranties – representatives in the field and in the office will be able to improve service delivery wherever they are.

Inventory Management
Outfit your team and organisation with real-time inventory management tools. Always know where your materiel is, even across locations like warehouses, depots, and out on trucks.

Mobile Productivity
Equip your field technicians with mobile applications that offer real-time and offline tools to access and update customer information.

Connected Devices
Manage your connected devices remotely and benefit from remote troubleshooting. Your technicians will be dispatched with the information they need to know to solve the problem and service interruptions will be minimised.

Customer Communications
Stay in touch with your customers at every stage of their problem. With smart integrations with Glympse and Twilio, you can provide live updates on their ticket via text message and phone. Plus, you can provide customers with technician’s photos and locations, so they know whom to expect and when.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Ultimate in Customer Service Business Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was built from the ground up to solve real business problems. With the ability to select only those services that meet your needs, and a rich community of add-in applications from AppSource, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the best ERP solution on the market today.

If you’re ready to take the next step in optimising your service offerings, we at DFSM Consulting are here to help. You can start by learning more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 or you can begin your free one-month trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 here. As Australia’s leading Microsoft Dynamics consultancy, we’re here to help you solve your business challenges. Call or contact us today to discuss how you can switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or perfect your current ERP solution.