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  • Your organisation is finally ready to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX. Let DFSM Consulting help you with this investment and challenge with our robust consulting and implementation services.
  • DFSM transformational services provide you with a peace of mind right from project initiation all the way through to the analysis, design, deployment, implementation and support phases.
  • DFSM expert and experienced consultants adopt Microsoft Sure Step Methodology at the initial stage of the project and use it to determine which approach will best suit your organisation and its needs.
    1. Rapid Start is a good fit for a change-ready organisation that wants a standard Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation with no customisation. The organisation also wants to adopt Microsoft Dynamics AX business processes.
    2. Agile Approach is best for organisations who want to implement an AX solution while keeping the option of adding new requirements along the line. Agile will work only for organisations that do not have a set of fixed software requirements and do not have “To Be” processes. DFSM applies waterfall approach in such cases.
    3. Standard Implementation allows organisations to implement standard AX along with some customisations. You spend time and define your ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ processes and DFSM customises Microsoft Dynamics AX to map to your organisational requirements.s.
    4. Enterprise Implementation is suited for global organisations that need Microsoft Dynamics AX to roll out in multiple phases or countries and integrate with various different platforms, devices and systems.

Whatever your organisation size, industry or phase of decision making about implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, DFSM Consulting has the expertise to support you. Implement Microsoft Dynamics AX organisation-wide and to its full potential by working with DFSM today.

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