One Version of the Truth

The truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth.

No more meetings where multiple team members present slightly different bottom lines. Establishing a system of record – that includes historical data and multiple data sources – guarantees that everyone is using the same information, and “truth,” to run their reports.





A Format You Can Control

Excel isn’t just for spreadsheets.

Jet Reports runs directly inside the most widely-used analysis tool in the world, Excel. Turn data into valuable insight with visually stunning dashboards and reports you can easily design yourself. Quickly identify trends, spot anomalies, and fix problems – all in the environment users are comfortable with.






Access Dashboards Anywhere

Custom, real-time reports on demand.

Bring all of your information together into one place and enable everyone in the organization to easily perform sophisticated business analysis from anywhere. Empower business users in your organization to quickly and easily build dashboards that can be accessed via the web and any mobile device – without outside help.



An End-to-End Solution – If You Want It

Users don’t have to choose between accuracy and adaptability.

Data visualization tools are only as good as the back-end they are built on. Many popular BI solutions currently on the market create beautiful visuals, but the back end is too complicated to work with. Luckily, Jet Reports business intelligence software delivers a robust, intuitive and flexible data management platform. Instantly view accurate, organized data inside of Excel, on the web, through mobile devices, in Power BI and more – the options are endless.

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