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ERP Tip: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offers a Free 1 Month Trial!

Start Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial in Minutes!

Microsoft Dynamics 365


28 February 2017

Microsoft has just released Microsoft Dynamics 365 for general use, and we’re very excited about it. Not only does Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer a fully-integrated, Cloud-based ERP solution, it allows businesses to pick and choose which services to subscribe to. This allows for businesses and Microsoft Dynamics experts like DFSM Consulting to build customised, world-class solutions that address every business need without worrying about paying for extra software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy to get started with, since it also offers a free trial.

In this blog post, we’ll briefly walk you through the steps to activate your trial and get you on your way to a more efficient, more powerful business platform.

How to Start a Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial


1. Start by clicking this link to set up your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business account. Make sure to choose your country and fill out all the basic information fields.

2. Next, you’ll create a User ID and Password and click “Create My Account” when you’re done.

3. Verify your account with a text message or phone call to any number worldwide.

4. Nearly finished! As Microsoft processes and creates your free Microsoft Dynamics 365 trial account, make sure to annotate your User ID and Password for future use.

5. Click “Set Up” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, or go to https://portal.office.com to get signed in.

6. At your Office 365 Dashboard, click on the Admin app to start setting up your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance.

7. Give it a second – you should see a message in your Admin center that reads “Dynamics 365 Plan 1 Enterprise Edition setup is incomplete. Get someone to help you.” and a button that says “Go to setup.”

From here, you can choose to walk through the setup wizard yourself or click on the “Get someone to help you” links throughout the wizard if you’re unsure.

Once you’ve finished your setup of your trial Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance, you’ll be redirected to the Dynamics 365 cloud application and you’re ready to start working.

If you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 or would like to talk to a professional who can help you better understand how Dynamics 365 fits into your organisational playbook, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Microsoft Dynamics experts are happy to discuss your needs.

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