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Analysis on Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Virtual launch event

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27 February 2017

On March 9, 2016 Microsoft launched AX 7 in the ERP industry providing a truly transformational enterprise performance and management suite all on the cloud. I happened to attend the event in Microsoft Sydney office where it was organised concurrently with the virtual event.

The following were my observations of the virtual launch.

The event was based on series of pre-recorded video sessions, where the presenter (GM at Microsoft) meets with 3 different people at Microsoft to get insights of the new Dynamics AX 7 features. Something very unique Microsoft did was instead of sitting in a quiet room or in a conference room with an audience, most of the video discussions between the presenter and the guests were either while driving a car, or in an office lobby or standing outside the office buildings.

The following were the key features of AX 7 which were noticeable;

  1. The ‘training manuals’ are embedded within various modules of Dynamics AX called task guides.
  2. Life Cycle services are embedded within AX 7, which gives increased efficiency in managing the deployments, implementations.
  3. The integration of ‘Cortana’, which is a tool that customers can create transactions on AX 7 while giving voice commands without typing in the device.
  4. The native integration with Power BI, SQL Server Analytics, which gives superior reporting and analytics tool within AX.
  5. The availability of more than 40 verticals from Microsoft Certified Partners for industry focused and specialised solutions within AX 7.

The following series of videos and information is available on the Dynamics AX virtual Launch event.

  1. Live Keynote – Actual Launch video and presentation.
  2. Breakout Sessions
    1. Business Discussions.
    2. Finance Track.
    3. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Track.
    4. Retail Track
  3. Analyst Videos
  4. Resources

The below is the URL from where you can register and access the resources and videos of Dynamics AX 7 launch.


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